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Upcoming Events

Tree Pruning Class - September 21, 2019
Saturday, September 21st, 10:00 a.m. at Community Park
Evergreen Pointe Tree Pruning Class

September 21, 2019, 10:00 a.m., Community Park
Sound Urban Forestry will host a one-hour lecture on how to prune trees among the planting strips. Not too long ago, a neighbor was concern with the lack of tree crowning along Butler Court NW. Therefore, we have invited a certified arborist to conduct a lecture on proper pruning techniques.
The Evergreen Board of Directors is seeking volunteers who may assist our community to ensure our young saplings will grow properly until they reach an acceptable point of growth maturation.
Even if you are not interested in volunteering, this lecture can give you valuable instructions on how to maintain trees on your lot.


Tree Risk Assessment is Completed
Posted on Aug 16th, 2019
Sound Urban Forestry, LLC has completed a City of Olympia-mandated tree risk assessment of the forest areas surrounding Evergreen Pointe. The certified arborist has identified ten (10) trees of risk that should be removed including a few which need pruning.

The next step is contract out a professional tree removal company.  We are coordinating this upcoming effort with the City of Olympia Urban Forestry Manager.
A detailed copy of the report is available at:  Evergreen Pointe Tree Risk Assessment 2019
Dog Walking Reminder
Posted on Jul 6th, 2019
Reminder to be a responsible dog owner
Stay tuned.  Shortly, the HOA will have two pet bag dispensers installed to assist you in picking up after your pet.
Historical Satellite View 1990 -2018
Posted on Jun 20th, 2019
Historical Satellite View of Evergreen Pointe 1990 -2018

Message Board

Memorandum for Record - August 26, 2019
City of Olympia Residential Low Impact (RLI) restriction imposes strict limitation on lot improvement that affects every lot owner in Evergreen Pointe
Please see the memo document relating to the RLI here: RLI Memo
A Few Reminders:
"Garbage, organic, and recycle containers must be returned to a screened location by the end of the pick-up day. Containers may be positioned at the pick-up location the night prior to the pick-up day provided the sanitation team is scheduled for an early morning run." 
Reminder of City of Olympia General Parking Prohibitions:
City Code Enforcement Vehicle spotted driving through Evergreen Pointe looking for parking violations along Hudson Street NW.
The following parking ordinances apply to our community
No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a peace officer or traffic control device, in any of the following places:
    1. On a sidewalk or planting strip;
    2, Within twenty feet of a crosswalk at an intersection except in the parking meter zone or elsewhere where official parking meters, signs or pavement markings designate a parking space nearer a crosswalk;
    3. At any place where official signs prohibit stopping;or,
    4. Within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant.
To read other parking ordinances that apply to our community, click: