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Association Services of WA Welcome Letter
Posted on Jan 1st, 2020
The following is a copy of the letter dated December 20th, 2019 that was mailed to HOA members from our new management company.  Association Services of WA has taken over as our HOA management company effective January 1st, 2020.
If you didn't receive this letter in the mail please register with and contact Association Services of WA and confirm they have your correct info.
New Off-Ramp from Hwy 101 to Kaiser Road Project
Posted on Nov 17th, 2019

The City of Olympia Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies projects to improve the City’s transportation system. The projects are identified based on projected growth and other anticipated needs, consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
Further further details click on the following links:

Message Board

Memorandum for Record - August 26, 2019
City of Olympia Residential Low Impact (RLI) restriction imposes strict limitation on lot improvement that affects every lot owner in Evergreen Pointe
Please see the memo document relating to the RLI here: RLI Memo
A Few Reminders:
"Garbage, organic, and recycle containers must be returned to a screened location by the end of the pick-up day. Containers may be positioned at the pick-up location the night prior to the pick-up day provided the sanitation team is scheduled for an early morning run." 
Reminder of City of Olympia General Parking Prohibitions:
City Code Enforcement Vehicle spotted driving through Evergreen Pointe looking for parking violations throughout the community. 
The following parking ordinances apply to our community
Rodent Control:

It’s time to button up … to keep rodents out of the house!
We all love Evergreen Pointe’s woodsy and natural setting.
So do plenty of rodents – mice, squirrels and rats – many of which live here because … this is where they live. We have chosen to move into their neighborhood! But we don’t have to let them into our homes. 
To keep them out and your family safe and warm inside, check out these tips and make sure your house is snug, tight and rodent-resistant at this link: